Let people know you’re a Harley Owner and part of Clyde Valley Chapter!

Clyde Valley H.O.G. is proud to offer a wide range of official H.O.G. merchandise.
We have selection of Clyde Valley Rockers and HOG eagles. These are available to Chapter members most Wednesday Nights at Bike Night at Springfield Quay  or most Saturdays in West Coast Harley Davidson. Just at for Fitzy The merchandise Officer.

Clyde Valley Rockers


We have Large and Small CLYDE VALLEY Rockers in Gold, Silver and Tan.

HOG Eagle Patches








All available in Large and Small Sizes.

Ladies of Harley Patches


Ladies of Harley Patches are available in Large and small, in Standard (Brown and White), Silver and Gold  


We have a selection of Past rally badges and some year badges for sale at a very reasonable price.


Clyde Valley Official Chapter Tartan

Our Chapter Tartan was designed with the help of Bathgate Kilt Studio and was registered through the Scottish Register of Tartans (STA ref:- 7103) on the 1st February 2007. Bathgate Kilt Studio is the only supplier for this tartan and will be happy to design a hand sewn kilt, waistcoat or trews for a current registered Chapter member.

back patches

You may have noticed that some Chapter members have tartan patches above or behind there top rocker. This is a personal choice and some chose their own family Tartan, others have the Chapter Official Tartan.

These patches were made up from off cuts from some kilts and trews that on of the Members had made a few years ago and unfortunately this supply has now run dry.

If you are interested in having kilt, waistcoat or trews made  please ask either the  Director, Assistant Director or Mrechandice Officer and if we get enough interest we can contact Bathgate Kilt Studio with egards getting a bail of tartan woven.

Bathgate Kilt Studio can be contacted on 01506-650- 950 or alternatively you may email any question to them on or website