Events List 2021

DATE EventMeet locationPost CodeTimeDestinationOpen/
Meal type
03/07/21Celebrate your Independence at WCHDWCHD G524FA 10:00Bike Show, American Cars, Music, CVH Charity BBQ.Open Event BBQ
10/07/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
18/07/21Club Monthly Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHTBC
24/07/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
31/07/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
14/08/21The Great Relay/Unity Ride Arrives at WCHDWCHDG524FA14:30Closed CVHOpen Choice
15/08/21Club Monthly Ride OutWCHDG524FA07:30The Great Relay/Unity Ride to Cairn Ryan FerryClosed CVHTBC
21/08/21Ladies of Harley Strawberry TeaWCHDG524FA11:00n/aOpenBake Sale for Breast Cancer Care
21/08/21Pan America Day

West Coast Adverture Weekend

27/08/21Ride up to Aviemore for those still going to Thunder weekendWCHDG524FA10:30ThunderOpenn/a
28/08/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA09:00Aviemore Day TripClosed CVHOpen Choice
04/09/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
11/09/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
18/09/21Cambelltown Overnight Ride Out WCHDG524FA09:30CampbelltownClosed CVHOpen Choice
19/09/21 Club Monthly Ride OutWCHDG524FA09:30 Long way To InverarayClosed CVHOpen Choice
25/09/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
02/10/21Saturday Shop Ride Out CANCELLEDWCHDG52 4FACANCELLED Closed CVH
09/10/21Saturday Shop Ride OutWCHDG524FA 10:00Closed CVHOpen Choice
17/10/21 Club Monthly Ride OutMysteryMysteryTBCMystery Ride Out to “Mystery”Closed CVHTBC
26/11/21Winter FestHard Rock Cafe GlasgowG1 2JZ 19:30n/aMembers Only (Ticket) £15eachBuffet Inc in Ticket
11/12/21Xmas DrinksBon AccordG3 7DA13:00n/aOpenn/a

Remember to check back regularly for updates and additional information on each event.

Dates and Details may change without notice, it’s always worth checking before heading out.


2021 Events List !

Please Note that on ALL ride-outs:

You are deemed to be in control of and responsible for your vehicle and your riding at all times, irrespective of any guidance or instruction from any members of the road crew. You must at all times ride within the law and obey road traffic regulations

Up Coming Events 2021:

WCHD – West Coast Harley Davidson.

Meeting Type 

  • Members Only: Chapter Members Only
  • Closed: Chapter Members and one Guest per Member
  • Open: Everybody is welcome.
  • Events marked “Ticket” Please contact the Committee for details.

Lunch Type

  • Pre-booked: where lunch will be arranged at the venue with numbers confirmed on the day and members paying a set price based on the cost of the Lunch.
  • Open Choice: where the venue will have a choice of Cafes/burger vans/chip shop/etc. and members will be free to make their own arrangements.

Saturday Shop Ride outs

Saturday Shop ride outs are more informal and will run on the weekends where there are no other events taking place on that weekend, details will be confirmed a few days before but in general they will always leave from WCHD. Meet up time is 10:00am.with the briefing taking place at 10:15 prompt to allow for a prompt 10:30 departure. Returning to WCHD Later in the Day. This could be as simple as a few members getting together and heading for a suitable cafe or burger van, stopping for a cuppa and and chat then heading back again.