CVH Chapter Officers

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You can contact Clyde Valley by Emailing a Chapter Officer, popping into West Coast Harley anytime and asking to speak with the Clyde Valley Chapter Manager or Pop down to Bike Night on a Wednesday Night and meet a few of the Chapter

Contact an Officer

Stephen Trainor – Director

The Gaffer. Started with Clyde Valley back in 2009 before taking over at the helm in 2014.
Stephen is a qualified Road Captain and active Member of the Road Crew.

Scott Grove – Assistant Director

“I have been biking since I was a kid, first off-road then road bikes and eventually on to a Harley. I used to be involved with bike racing (Pit crew) but now stick to riding.”
As well as Assistant Director Scott is a Road Captain and active member of the Road Crew.

Chris Kelly – Secretary 

“I got into biking at the ripe age of 32. I got the Harley bug after a couple of Yamahas and a Kawasaki. I’m on my third Harley, a Dyna Switchback, having graduated through two Sportsters.”
As well as looking after the membership, Chris is also a qualified Road Captain.

Don Rutherford – Dealer Principal

Owner and Dealer Principle at West Coast Harley Davidson.


John Porter – Head Road Captain

Ex Copper, Fuggly Rider and different beard every week. John Porter our Head Road Captain. The guy in charge of all the ride outs (supported by his Road Crew) and tries with great difficulty not to get us lost. If you would like the club to go to a certain destination on a ride out then this is the man to speak to, just don’t ask him to lead a group to Europe.

David Henderson – Activities Officer

Dave the Drummer, main man for all things activities. If you need a band, he’s your man.
David is a qualified Road Captain and active Member of the Road Crew.

Mark Ferguson – Activities Officer

Mr fix-it, Bob the builder has nothing on this guy.

Tina Taylor – Activities Officer

Jeweller, Henna tattooist and AC/DC expert are just a few of her hobbies.

Gordon Barclay – Activities Officer

Splits his time between Activities, working offshore and getting his shovelhead back on the road.

Janice Graham – Ladies Of Harley Officer

LOH event organiser, always got the next Ladies night out in planning.
Janice is an Active Rider and has a Softail Slim.

Brian Fitzsimmons – Merchandise

Fitzy is the main contact for all your Patches and Chapter merch,
He can usually be found with his bag of swag at Bike night most weeks and in West Coast Harley Davidson most Saturdays.

Ross Walker – Chapter Manager

Your friendly neighbourhood chapter manager can be found at West Coast Harley Davidson. You’ll find him in the J26 cafe where he is the Cafe manager. Everyone enjoys a visit to the J26 café and Ross ensures that he serves up the best in biker food and coffees.